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Justene Williams and Julie Fragar - Last night: Pro Gallery

Julie Fragar and Justene Williams

Last night I had a dream and there were three of me

6 - 27 November 2021

Opening event: Saturday 6 November, 3-5pm

Three raw concrete rooms, two artists, three states of being. This is not a collaboration, but there are meetings in the work. Two distinct practices and personalities - one painting the other sculptural and performative. The two connect architecturally in the construction of half-built sections of white wall, runway strips of flooring and interventions that dress each space. There will be a newly created live work at the opening a dream theatre of sorts, in which 3 performers will engage 3 rooms by singing in Williams’ Cosmic Mountain rocking sculpture and riffing on Fragar’s portrait, pipe and waterfall paintings.

Works courtesy the artists and Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney. 

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