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Jan Oliver & Susan Hawkins From Diffractional Conversations: Pro Gallery

Kahli Perkins
The event of a thread

9 - 30 September 2023

Woven forms are ubiquitous in the fabric of everyday life. They offer protection, privacy, means of self-expression, storage, and homogenisation. Yet, despite the ubiquity of woven forms, weaving is often unnoticed. It is merely the technical process that produces our clothing, upholstery, curtains, canvases and kitchen sieves. 


The event of a thread takes its title from the writing of Anni Albers. Throughout her practice, writing and teaching, Albers recognised a series of ‘ever-extending’ possibilities within the interlacing of perpendicular warp and weft threads that allow otherwise ‘tangential subjects [to] come into view’. 


In this series of works of fluted and reeded glass entwined with yarn, Kahli Perkins gently bends our attention towards such possibilities while simultaneously emphasising the value of time spent observing nuance and subtle difference.


Perkins is represented by Aster + Asha Gallery. 

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