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Everything is possibly an oracle

7 - 28 September 2019

With Caitlin Franzmann, Camila Marambio, Christy Gast, and others. 

At Adder Rock on Minjerribah, Ensayos drew cards from Caitlin Franzmann’s Fortunes of the Forest divination deck (available at Milani Gallery). The layout of Everything is possibly an oracle corresponds to that tarot reading; each space of CARPARK gallery interprets one of the four cards, weaving together the transpacific stories of Ensayo #4 Coastal Curriculum. 

Ensayos would like to give special thanks to Freja, Sonja and Glynn Carmichael, Sharon Jewell, Dale Harding, Helen Franzmann and Denny Ryan, Kathy and Peter Franzmann, Kyle Weiss, Laurence English, Christine Black and Mary Graham. 

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